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“There aren’t many brands as honestly sustainable as Aiayu. Pronounced ai-ya-yu it mean ‘soul’ in Bolivian dialect
—and it was in Bolivia where the story  began—
after its founders discovered hills of llamas, or “the fibers closest to the sky.” Designed in Denmark and produced at origin in Bolivia,
India, and Nepal AIAYU’s products focus on high quality investment pieces with a timeless Scandinavian sensibility.
Using only pure natural fibers, AIAYU is produced in factories with the highest organic and ethical standards imaginable.
Spun from GOTS-certified cottons as well as pesticide- and hormone-free wool and cashmere,
each piece is as beautiful as it is responsible, thanks to the integrity of the local artisanal craftsmanship.”
Aiayu - Helen -Brush
1.195,00 DKK
Aiayu - Hobie - Brush
795,00 DKK
Aiayu - Helen -Tabacco
1.195,00 DKK