Ellies & Ivy


Ellies and Ivy is not your average Danish design duo. Whilst the two entrepreneurial women behind Ellies and Ivy are both from Denmark they have looked abroad in their inspiration for creating this affordable luxury bohemian brand. More specifically they looked towards India and if you look carefully enough you will see the resemblance. Ellies and Ivy is a brand of vivid, warm colours and the most amazing materials like quilted silk.

Meet the designers and founders of Ellies and Ivy, Ninna Rahbek Schou and Pernille Hvam Pedersen. When they got together and founded Ellies and Ivy they could both agree on one thing. They were not the only two women in the world who were on a constant search for clothing and accessories that had the ability to embody a bohemian spirit in both pattern and fit. This bohemian spirit as well as style and the quest to turn it into a fashion and lifestyle brand was the very starting point for Ellies and Ivy. Ninna Rahbek Schou and Pernille Hvam Pedersen are based in Denmark, but from the little country in the Scandinavian North they have reached out and built a bridge of relationships with some of the finest vintage sari distributors in India.

Exactly the Indian sari is the primary source of inspiration as well as the source of the materials used in Ellies and Ivy’s collection. The sari – for those who are not familiar with it – is a traditional garment worn as a dress by women in India.  The average sari consists of a drape varying from 4.5 meters to 8 meters in length and 60 cm to 1.20 m in width. What Ellies and Ivy have done is that they have reused the silk sarees and turned them into a charming collection of clothing and accessories. A Studio Feder favourite is the quilted silk Ellies and Ivy make-up bag crafted from the finest Indian vintage sarees. The make-up bags – or wash bags – have a delicate piping and a heavy metal zipper, perfectly crafted for your every use. The Ellies and Ivy make-up bag is fit for both travelling and for everyday use, whether you are looking to have all your make-up items gathered in one place or simply need a purse for all the little things at home. Every Ellies and Ivy make-up bag is made in India entirely by hand.

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