Fog Linen work



Japanese design is known for many things and simplicity, elegance and well-crafted materials are indisputably some of the most acknowledged ones. This is where Yumiko Sekine and her linen brand Fog Linen Work come into the picture. At Studio Feder we are proud to present this Japanese design brand that wanted to revolutionise a local linen market - and with Fog Linen Work she did. Discover an amazing collection of linen pouches, linen tea towels and other kitchen accessories available right here on the Studio Feder webshop.

The fascination for linen and turning it into a business began back in 1993 for the Fog Linen Work founder, Japanese Yumiko Sekine. After having built a brand of beautiful designs she took a trip Lithuania – a country known for growing flax, whose fibres can be spun and turned into the softest linen. However, at the time nobody distributed the amazing linen for daily use in-store, they merely produced a lot of linen that was then exported. With Fog Linen Work, Yumiko wanted to change that. The first Fog Linen Work collection saw the day of light around 2017 and today the Japanese and Lithuanian fusion brand produces a large palette of beautiful, quality linen items for the home.

The design philosophy paving the way for Fog Linen Work is quite simple: Yumiko wants to create beautiful simple products for daily use. Daily life is the definition of how we spent the majority of our time, so why not make it good looking and long lasting? A brilliant item for the Fog Linen Work collection is the simple yet loveable series of tea towels. Fog Linen Work tea towels are made from 100% linen, they absorb extremely well and they only become softer with time. With Fog Linen Work the Japanese founder and designer wants to promote a natural lifestyle with an emphasis on beautiful products for daily use. Her love for linen is found in the carefully selected products the collection represents – from the handy linen pouch perfect for make-up and all the small things, to the mango wood crafted serving spoon fit for any salad or pasta evening with friends and family. Everyday products do not have to be boring or basic. Like the people who use them they have a personality and exactly personality is what Fog Linen Work represents through a beautifully curated collection. On-board this journey of embracing a natural lifestyle that looks amazing simultaneously with Fog Linen Work items, available with Studio Feder.