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In 2016 Lillerød was reestablished by Lisbeth Kamstrup-Holm and her father. The Johanssons were friends of Lisbeth's grandparents, back in Lillerød, and one day, Lisbeth came across a book written by Per-Olof Johansson describing the history of the baskets.

Amazed with the story, the products, and the people, she was determined that the heritage and the beauty of the products should not be lost for the future. Together with her father, she took herself upon the task of bringing the products back to life.

The purpose of Lillerød today is to reestablish and maintain the heritage of the beautiful baskets - A craft that would otherwise be lost for the future. The philosophy today is the same as it was then; to combine the beautiful crafts with the need of everyday life in a basket that will follow you through life.

Lillerød - mini
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