Meyer Lavigne


Meyer-Lavigne is a Danish design duo consisting of two of Denmark’s most creative porcelain specialists. Meet Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne, the founders of the Meyer-Lavigne porcelain collection. Fall in love with their quirky but graceful sense of aesthetics through a series of characteristic small bowls, all available to purchase online with Studio Feder.

Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne both specialised in ceramics and glass when they graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. In their portfolio, Meyer-Lavigne has worked with a broad palette of materials, such as wood, textiles, ceramics and even print, but today they have dedicated their lives to porcelain. The delicate material that has the power to take many shapes and cast many shadows is the foundation of the Meyer-Lavigne collection of bowls. Upon that foundation, the two founders and designers want to express personality in their design, and they believe that the sender behind the production should be visible. As the founders put it themselves: “The materials used and the “presence of hands” is always a high priority to us, just as the surprising elements that tickle our curiosity, that is what inspires us to continue the delicate tale of Meyer-Lavigne.” You will quickly discover this presence of hands and the curiosity it generates when you study the Meyer-Lavigne bowls. The delicacy of the porcelain is enriched by the story the different colours used and patterns created can tell on each and every bowl. From dots and stripes to checks and feather-like strokes. The Meyer-Lavigne bowls are characteristically coloured on the inside of the bowl, whilst some of them are decorated with the playful patterns on the outside as well.

Apart from the delicate and poetic expression characterising Meyer-Lavigne, the Danish design duo also wants to express humour and amusement in their collection of bowls. The unique strokes forming every hand painted bowl is a brilliant example of this and ensures not only, that no two bowls are ever the same but that every bowl has its own personality, created by the hands that painted it. Kristine and Sabine both believe that it is important in today’s society to be surrounded by items that have been given time and consideration – and items such as the adorable Meyer-Lavigne bowls are a perfect example of this. Where to use the charming Meyer-Lavigne bowls? For salt in the kitchen, keys in the hallway or maybe jewellery on the bathroom shelf – it is simply up to your needs and imagination when decorating with Meyer-Lavigne
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