With every piece from Mikanu a story is told. A story about craftsmanship, about aesthetics and about consciousness. The very design philosophy behind the beautiful Mikanu collection relies on exactly a conscious way of designing and producing. The result is a charismatic collection of everything from the functional Mikanu tote bags to the handcrafted Mikanu baby rattles. The Mikanu brand has a unique personality and through these products – among many more – you truly get to know the nature of what Mikanu is all about.

Meet the sisters Thuy and Nu. At a very young age they discovered that they shared a passion for simple and timeless design. This passion was the very starting point for Mikanu. The two sisters Thuy and Nu were born in Vietnam but they grew up in Germany where they founded Mikanu. With Studio Feder you can purchase an array of the finest items from the Mikanu collection, no matter if you are looking for everyday items such as their cute tote bags or if you are in the search of a nice baby shower gift such as the Mikanu baby rattle. The tote bags, or carry-bags, as well as the children’s accessories are homemade and handcrafted. Mikanu have a unique way of effortlessly combining a very pure and minimalistic Nordic look with a sustainable approach that seeks to sustain the art of craftsmanship and local businesses. As Thuy and Nu describe it themselves, they believe that traditional skills and the craftsmanship that drives them should be more preserved. That is one of the reasons why their amazing products – from the Mikani bags to the Mikano baby rattles and other children’s products – are made by smaller family businesses and local artisans. The family aspect is important to the Mikanu founders and the storytelling behind each item produced begins with the very person who cuts, knits, stitches and colours the amazing Mikanu collection before it becomes part of your home.

Besides this admirable emphasis on sustainability through the use of local craftsmen and the use of as many eco-friendly or organic fabrics as possible, the Mikanu collection is a visual pleasure. The Vietnamese sisters have an outstanding way of designing with aesthetics and simplicity first. Every Mikanu item is a brilliant example hereof. The mentioned passion for the simple and timeless expression comes across beautifully in everything the Mikanu sisters create. Having an eye for aesthetics and knowing how to interpret it into something useful and sustainable is something Mikanu does like no one else.  Fall in love with their every item here with Studio Feder.