Sue Pryke


Welcome to a world of beautifully crafted ceramics and the world of British ceramist and designer Sue Pryke. Sue Pryke Studio is an award-winning design consultancy specialising in tableware and homeware products for other brands, but the Sue Pryke you can buy with Studio Feder is a carefully selected collection of her own brand. From the cosiest mugs for morning coffee to the enchanting teapot for afternoon tea. The Sue Pryke touch is one of elegance, craftsmanship and relentless precision.  

Sue Pryke's work is first and foremost concerned with functionality and the connections between craft and industry. Her mugs, teapots and accessories are no exception. The Sue Pryke teapot – charmingly titled the Mr & Mrs Teapot – is individually made and made from vitrified earthenware. The clay receives a solid stone like quality as it is shaped under an extremely high temperature. This handmade process behind the Sue Pryke teapot ensures that no two teapots are the same and the slight changes in each piece of ceramic simply underline the exclusivity of and the craftsmanship behind her products. Besides the teapot collection Studio Feder also carries the Sue Pryke ceramic mugs. No matter the ceramics, this English designer finds inspiration in 'the everyday' and the ordinary tactility and utility and the interaction humans have with objects. Four words that too describe Sue Pryke design is understated, affordable, functional and elegant – all at the same time and as it may sound easy it is an art combining all four in a graceful manner. The purpose of the design is not to stand out, nor to be avantgarde – the design wants to fit in. It is a collection of objects that sit comfortably in your home, that is not tricky to use or care for, but is familiar in an effortless way.

Sue Pryke is a trained potter and has worked both as an in-house designer and as a freelance designer for more than 20 years. She is inspired by the small details and preferences that reflect the decision making we make daily – from choosing what cup to drink our coffee from to how we serve tea for our guests. The Sue Pryke ceramics collection is thus a clear reflection of great artisanship skills and a sense for aesthetics as well. Discover the Sue Pryke design universe with Studio Feder and dive into her perfectionist style where form follows function at any time. Discover the Sue Pryke way of working with traditional craftsmanship and techniques that delivers high quality products made by hand.