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Uh la la Ceramics


The mission of Uh la la is to enrich everyday life with our unique brand of design objects. Every item in our product line is a pleasure to use and a valuable piece of decorative art. The Uh la la design brand combines high and low tech, tradition and innovation with a charming coolness that provides pleasure of use for years.
The ceramic objects are made of authentic materials and characterized by the finest traditional craftsmanship. They are drawn and build in a slow, low-tech process using traditional analogue techniques and physical models in the laboratory to ensure a perfect result with the final design choice. The production itself is handmade and conducted under careful quality control at every stage.
The ceramic studio and product brand Uh la la were created in november 2010 by the young product designer and ceramic artist Julie Bonde Bülck.  
Uh la la - Coffee cup - Grey