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Organic Kids Clothes

As a parent, you may want to be conscientious when shopping for your kid's clothing. Ethics may not be the first thing you consider when doing this. Children grow fast and usually do not think twice about destroying or maintaining their clothing. Spending more than your normal amount on their clothes can seem wasteful. The truth is that spending more on organic kids' clothes can be cheaper in the long run.


Organic Cotton Kids Clothes

Organic clothes consist of materials made from cotton that does not contain any chemicals. The cotton in this case must be free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. The cotton must be fully organic and adhere to the GOTS standards like what we have at STUDIO FEDER. GOTS is the governing body that globally checks the organic quality of cotton. The fact that we use organic is very important. This is because a high percentage of cotton material available contains chemicals and fertilizers. Such cotton material may not be good for your kid especially if they have allergies.

Sustainable Children’s Clothing

Buying clothes that consist of chemical-free cotton fabrics is good for children and babies. You may be wondering why buying organic children’s clothing is so important, there are many reasons. Non-organic fabrics have chemicals that can exacerbate your kid’s allergies. These chemicals include pesticides, dyes, cleansers, and others. STUDIO FEDER clothes can help your kids avoid skin irritations, rashes, dizziness, or other allergies from toxic clothing.

Organic kid’s clothes are also more durable than other cotton fabrics. This is because they do not have the additional toxins that weaken the fabric. The advantage is that buying organic children’s clothes can help you save on costs. Kids grow quickly and continuously replacing their clothes with cheap cotton can cost you a lot in total. Since sustainable children’s clothing are durable you may consider purchasing them from STUDIO FEDER in different sizes. You can buy clothes for this season while planning for the next one when they grow a bit.

Organic cotton is also ideal for your child’s additional accessories. These include hats, gloves, and beanies that are good when going outside. Being that your kids are now without allergies due to the organic clothes, they can play comfortably. Organic kid’s clothes are ideal for any weather. You do not need to buy separate organic clothes for summer and winter. So, whether you live in a hot or cold region the organic material will keep them safe.